Who's EroPixie?

I'm a sensual lady that loves to control YOU πŸ˜‰. I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist/entrepreneur πŸ˜‹, that's why I decided to cam online and be able to make a living 😘 while I do something that I love . I'm very passionate, wild & love a good submissive toy 😜 to play with, online, offline, in real life, on the phone, on text, in virtual grids, you name it, I want to have absolute power if possible.😈😻
I'm a Switch that's mostly Dominant but I submit from time to time to the right dominant... It's rare, but it happens. 😜
I enjoy video games, comics, manga & anime, You might see me cosplay now and then. I'm an audiophile and love anything unusual.
I'm like an adult version of disneyland, I strive to make your fantasy a reality in any media possible. I'm a creator, I make music, I make videos, I can make 3d models and draw high quality +18 pictures, just tell me your fantasy and I'll do my best to make it happen. πŸ’‹

Terms of ServiceπŸ’¦

βœ… Payment is to be received before the beginning of each service. πŸ† πŸ’¦
βœ… I accept MyFreeCams, ChaturbateStreamate Tokens/Gold, Linden Dollars, IndieBill, GiftRocket's Gift Cards and Amazon.com Gift Cards sent to ero@null.net.
βœ… When you pay don't mention the nature of the transaction. Payments have to be sent as friend/family for a swift transaction.
βœ… I do not accept Paypal, Google Wallet, Skirll, or any not adult-work friendly payment sites.
βœ… I reserve the right to refuse or terminate a service for any reason. I will not provide service to anyone who is under the age of 20.

Greetings from your Goddess!
βœ… My services are NOT to be recorded. In the event that I feel I am being recorded, I will terminate the service and a refund will not be given.
βœ… In case you purchased any items like videos, mp3, photo sets, etc... This are meant to me used JUST BY YOU. You're not allowed to share any of this content online or in real life. If you want to use my media at Websites or the likes, send me an email and let's see what we can do about it.     
βœ… Any rude or harassing comments will be reported to management and may result in permanent ban depending on the severity of the situation.
βœ… Refunds will be given fairly and appropriately depending on individual causes. With that said, please allow yourself enough time for the service you pay for. In the event of a crash you will have 10 minutes to return or my session is over.  I will look forward to our next session.  

Sneak a Peek!

I've been so kind to let you gaze over my magnificent body and mind.
Here's a small glimpse of what you could get with me.
Let's edge together!~ I love it when you melt with me!
I'm a drug, you won't be satisfied with just one shot.
You're forbidden to masturbate.
If you want me to allow you, you better tribute first.
Doesn't it feel relieving when someone else is in charge? ❀

Find me

You cannot resist it any longer, can you? Follow me on social media. πŸ”₯ If you want to know more about my kinks and fetishes, you can check a list here.

Fetlife @eropixie
Tumblr @eropixie
SecondLife @eropixie
League Of Legends @eropixie


I'm usually willing to do custom videos, mp3, music, drawings,  dates in second life (virtual sex ok), dates on skype (virtual sex ok), dates in RL (no sex obviously and you pay all expenses plus fees), play videogames with you, watch anime with you, girlfriend experience,  mommy/baby roleplay, dirty talking on skype, stories, you name it. Please contact me with your order and once we agreed on the terms, you can proceed and pay. Here's an example of my usual work. Cam prices are on camsites.


 I don't allow payment until I confirm the order first.
Contact me with your order.
*Free photo updates while I am wearing the items.
Name Description Price
Video Simple Video where I use my toys and already owned props. $10/min
Video Special Video where I use props of your choice. (I'll add props price on the final price) $10/min + Props
Panties/Clothes* Worn panties/clothes. $10/day + Shipping
Name Description Price
Special Panties/Clothes* Worn panties/clothes with an extra (extra musk). $20/day + Shipping
Used toys* Used toy. Depending on toy, price varies. $20-100 + Shipping
Skype sessions 10 minutes
20 Minutes
30 Minutes
45 Minutes
1 Hour
*Hypno sessions are $7 a minute.


Contact me